A good game should have a clear User Interface (UI) that provides a smooth User Experience (UX). To that end, a fair bit of time was spent on Interaction Design (IxD), though everything is still in the early stages. 


  • Support for more complex interactions with in-game objects using  pop-up menu UI (still needs more designing).
  • Addition of a Stamina bar UI below the Life bar. The player character can now sprint. Stamina recharges when not running.
  • The HUD (head-up display, which currently consist of only two plain bars) now auto-hides when not in use.
  • Added test background music with mood mixing (relaxed, cautious and danger). The music not only sets the mood but also adds another layer of sensory information for the player. 

It's amazing but just having the relevant background music makes me want to move carefully instead of run everywhere at max speed like I used to, even without any real danger ^^;

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