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A unique action RPG in the making. 

Cyberpunk. Interaction. Role-playing. 3D.

3 mini-games paving the way to a final RPG that will be Pandora 3chotomy.

Development history:

  • This projected started life as a Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam entry.
  • The game is being re-worked from ground up after the jam.
  • As various game systems are implemented, mini-games are released for playing  and feedback.
  • Each mini-game represents a step closer to the final Pandora 3chotomy RPG.

Currently available mini-games:

  • PANDORA PUZZLE: Converse with a room full of 6 scientists and figure out where they belong to. The solution is different for every playthrough. 
  • PANDORA ARENA: Learn about guns, avoid bullet hell and face-off a mech in 3 different training missions.

Next planned mini-game:

  • PANDORA HACK: The third and final mini-game that will include all the core subsystems and gameplay mechanics needed to start building the actual Pandora 3chotomy RPG.

Behind the scenes: 

I'm a lone developer who has been over the past 5 months designing and building the necessary game components that will allow me to create the cyberpunk action RPG in my vision. 

Development has it's ups and downs, breakthroughs and setbacks, but progress always presses forward.

Do check out the Development Log for updates, rants and implementation details.


Pandora Arena Mini-game (Pre-release v0.4) 30 MB
Pandora Puzzle Mini-game v1.1d 26 MB
PandoraTrichotomy_v1.1 (Jam version++ / For archive only) 35 MB

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