Give us our trespasses

Typical game quests fall in one of the following categories:

  1. Kill - murder someone or destroy something for some contrived reason
  2. Obtain - find & fetch, sneak & steal, kill & loot, solve & unlock an item
  3. Deliver - transport or escort something or someone from point A to point B

Act 1 is not about killing. You character is there to get something, but will end up delivering something else. You have infiltrated the facility under an assumed cover. As long as you don't do anything to arouse suspicion, you have free roam of the common areas. Naturally, the stuff you came for would be locked up in the more fortified regions, along with various challenges in place to prevent unauthorized access.

To support these quest scenarios, I have implemented the following systems:

  • Lock and key for doors and entry points
  • Restricted zones where you will get arrested for trespassing unless you have the required clearance

More systems are in the works to guarantee there will be more than one way into any secured room, as well as make it harder for you to hang around restricted areas. Getting keys would be the most obvious solution, but many places can be entered without acquiring keys. I'll leave it to the player to discover more interesting ways to bypass security.

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