Pretending to be smart

I told myself I should be working on the quest system, but testing the NPC CombatAI with the new environment and gameplay features brought out some issues which I felt compelled to resolve as a priority because the NPCs were acting like mindless idiots. So...

  • Moving NPCs now actively check and circumvent obstacles moved to block their current path, e.g. by the player
  • Simple collision avoidance to prevent NPCs from walking into other NPCs (and player character) in their path 
  • Simple proxemics check to prevent NPCs from stopping too close to another NPC's (and player character's) personal space
  • Fixed a few CombatAI bugs that I didn't even realize was there after making changes some weeks back

There are still a few more tweaks I have in mind regarding AI behavior; hopefully they get implemented soon so I can get back on track with my original goals.

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