A downloadable game for Windows

A cyberpunk action RPG created for Lartu's One Week Mini-RPG Jam II.

Hired to steal some valuable corporate data, an unnamed female agent infiltrates a fortified facility with the help of her trusty(?) hacker/handler. But nothing usually goes according to plan in this line of work...


  • Fully controllable drone
  • No grinding, just role-play
  • No combat (unless you ask for it)
  • Weapons and equipment OSP*

*On-site procurement ;)


Since this is a jam release there is a lot of room for improvement and I will be fixing, tweaking, polishing and adding new gameplay and content over time to produce a post-jam version in the near future.


Press "P" to pause the game for control instructions.

Press "Q" when game is paused to quit the game.


Press the "Start/Menu" button to pause the game for control instructions

Press the "Select/Back" button when game is paused to quit.

Playing with game controller recommended 


Design, code, art, 3D models, animation by:

  • Siepiau

Music by:

Additional art:


CyberHeist 42 MB

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