Everything's gone dark ^^

Happy 2018! 

Here's a quick development update just one week into the new year. Apart from some core AI code, the new game is slowly becoming a very different beast from the original Ludum Dare 40 Jam entry.

Here's a quick rundown of what's new:

* Graphics - characters, animations, environment and lighting have been re-worked and will be regularly upgraded

* Audio - I plan to replace all the sfxr sounds with  better samples

* Gameplay - added a limited jump ability, and stealth mechanics

* AI - enemies perceive, react and behave more sensibly, with improved shot prediction

High on my list of to dos:

* Mission scenarios - the office level is only one of several levels that I have planned for a story based experience

* More gameplay and replay value - I'm a big fan of the Deus Ex approach where you can fight, sneak or talk your way to achieving mission objectives and multiple endings. That's my ultimate direction but it's still too early to say what will finally be feasible

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