Move using WASD/arrow keys or gamepad. 

Avoid the cops, but draw their fire so they shoot each other. The more cops that lock on to and shoot at you, the more your score goes up. Game is over when there is only one cop left.


This is the post-Ludum Dare version of my first participating entry in a Ludum Dare game jam. Both the game idea and the execution leaves much to be desired, but I'm proud that I managed to deliver something playable within 72 hours. 

After the jam, I decided to continue working on the project and evolve it into a more full-featured gaming experience. You can follow the development progress here!

As I'm continuously learning and trying to become a better indie game developer, all comments, suggestions and questions are welcome!



Game made using Unity engine.

Modeling and animation using Modo.

2D art using Photoshop.

Sound using Sfxr.

Install instructions

Unity game, build for PC. Unzip and enjoy!


Download (Post Ludum Dare version) 16 MB
Download (Ludum Dare 40) 17 MB

Development log

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